„My favorite color is violet. Why? You know: it depicts my meaning of life! It is a mixture of red and blue. Red like blood. It represents all the suffering in the world. And blue like ink. It represents the ideas that I think need to spread to reduce that suffering in the long run.
I know this explanation sounds wise. But primarily it’s utter bullshit. I just like violet. Period. And I made up a fancy explanation afterwards and now it sounds to you like I made a good choice. But I didn’t and I’m aware of it and I’m so honest to tell you now. That’s what people do, they make decisions, do things and then they search for smart sounding excuses why. And it seems like a good idea afterwards. However, for a good choice you have to begin with the why first. The problem is, that it’s so difficult to distinguish. An explanation is worth nothing, when you draw the conclusion beforehand. I think that’s one of many ideas, that should spread to make the world a better place.“

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